16 Sep: How To Accept, Process, and Learn From Failure

Take a close enough look at any life of note, and you’ll quickly discover a legacy of failure.

However, it’s important to distinguish between failed experiments and failure in the Platonic ideal sense of the word.

Experimental failure happens when you try something, and it doesn’t work the way you intended.

02 Jul: LeaderSHIP… Time to Set Sail!

A leader is deemed to possess many traits such as integrity, passion, motivation, inspiration, accountability, influence etc the list goes on as does the perception of what leadership is to you and others around you

02 Jul: The Elephant In The Room – Part 2

We are controlled by the market not our foolhardy vision of what the market is and that we have any control over it

The market is King , not the government, not the NHS

The Market is our end users, the public our patients and customers. The very middleman we rely on yet inadvertently ignore in our attempts to be heard by the government.