Part 2 - The Elephant In The Room


One thing is clear and always has been to me…

Pharmacy needs to raise our profile to the public and in turn the government will see what we are. Not cut out the middleman and go straight to the government and keep moaning how the PSNC are not doing their job, though its certainly not an easy one and I do appreciate their efforts…but alot of us don’t!

The Middleman is our Market,

The middleman is our bread and butter!!!

We are chasing the members of the public that use our pharmacy but they are already on board. They already know and use our benefits. We already have them recruited. The people we need to recruit are those that never have set foot in your pharmacy or any pharmacy for that matter. The ones that pick up their GSL medicines from any convenience store.

Why? Convenience is the key and what the government has latched onto, why is it that they want the “amazonisation” of our profession. With hub and spoke outlets were medication and advice will be “dispensed” at the consumers convenience!!

Whilst we are too busy thinking we control the market i.e. the consumer that is the public which “rely” upon our services

That is where we are so very wring and what is holding us back

We are controlled by the market not our foolhardy vision of what the market is and that we have any control over it

The market is King , not the government, not the NHS

The Market is our end users, the public our patients and customers. The very middleman we rely on yet inadvertently ignore in our attempts to be heard by the government.

Why do you think when a patient comes in they usually say, I didn’t want to waste the Drs time so I thought I’d see you “the pharmacist” first

Drs have one thing and that is high respect from 1000’s of years within any culture and any time the Dr was and will always be the purveyor of health. That is why the key influencers and decision makers in the government and NHS will never perceive the benefits of pharmacy and always rewarding the end all be all utmost respect profession in the eyes of the Market…The consumer!! The Doctor is king my friend

And I for one say let them have their thrown and let them carry on being the pin up for the NHS.

Pharmacy is on the frontline and in its very nature Cannon Fodder. Always will be… our very ease of access and benefit we like to tout to the government and NHS is our Achilles heal.

Thus most instead of wishing we could be generals and higher in the chain of command and purveyors of our future, we have but these options

Put up and shut up – demoralising and soul destroying

Put up and whinge increasing frustration and demoralisation with the added benefit that any action we take against persecution works.

Take action to work your way up the chain of command but be seen as a traitor amongst those you leave behind with each progression be in within your organisation or sector

Jump Ship and change sector but knowing that the law of supply and demand is working against you. As Pharmacy is very saturated and the government is very much obliged to allowing it to be so

Jump Ship and leave the profession.. bye bye years of study and hardwork…hello new coming years or study and hardwork.

Or the latter

The one I believe we are all capable of, lets start being known to everyone lets no rely on the NHS to market Pharmacy in its campaigns. Lets not rely on others to do what we must do


Lets change the way people perceive pharmacy let these struggles we must overcome be our catalyst for change

The quality payments and such other measures indicate the push by the government from a remuneration model to that of clinical care to be the workforce to aid in the Dr shortage. But Dr will always be resistant to our encroaching their territory as that will take away from their public perception of being the fixers of ailments. It will be seen as us stealing their limelight not a trusted aid helping them stay afloat. So prepare to burn some Dr toes while we are evolving. We all saw the outcry from most Drs the minute they saw Pharmacies do flu Jabs…it was a threat to their perception and their worth. In the short-term in too their income but the reality to their public profile for the less that “only” they can do. The less special they are and in turn the less influence they will have to the decision makers in government.

“The world turns, your reverence, and we must spin with it.”

Terry Pratchett

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