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Why do I do what I do?

I have had several ppl ask me this, how have I pivoted from a multiple world to the sector that I am in now.

The answer….growth

I wanted more….I can deliver more

was it worth the length of service? I would say yes and no.

I learnt many things along the way, especially about myself. I knew i was worth far more than the role BUT growth is encouraged but not real place for your skills in the company. I wish I had taken the step a long time ago-was it fear or wrong time? I just class that journey as ‘things happen for a reason’

I bit the bullet when enough became enough- I am worth far more than this, why….because I love what I do

If I didn’t love it then I wouldn’t be working around the hours to evoke change and make a difference.

I take great pride in what I do and I do not deliver something halfway or three quarters…..it is ALL OR NOTHING!

Ppl that know me, know my superpower is persistence. You tell me no, i will find a way. I have gone my entire life proving my worth (call it glass ceiling, sisterhood effect) whatever you want to call it…..BUT to me….it is a challenge that I WILL NOT back down from.

What I would say to those that read my post…does it hit home? Are you feeling those feelings of….you are worth so much more and know you can do more to make a difference. my answer to you is act upon it….timing will never be perfect but you will regret not taking action.

Do you feel like you don’t know which step to take first? Is it the wrong move? Your good and bad ear will definitely start playing mind games with you…this is when i say listen to your heart. Answer me this….are you happy? If your answer is no….then ask yourself why? Keep asking yourself that until you find your answer.

I am loving this journey that I am on, knowing that I am making a difference, everyone starts somewhere and my journey begins now!

Who would have thought I would have a website, a book, be an event speaker….all in the space of a year and now add podcast host and web designer to the list of my skills.

Those that say you cannot achieve much when on maternity leave I would challenge them to say, why not? I want to be able to have my business and see my son grow up….why can’t I have it all. Of course I can….I write my own rules!

I do what I do….because….I LOVE IT!!! it inspires me on a daily basis, knowing I am making a difference, affecting someones life for the better!

I started a journey log on my BLOG which can be read at


I cannot wait for you to see my new venture which will be launching in the next few weeks.

I DO WHAT I DO…..BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!!! I am inspired on a daily basis to make a difference on a larger scale

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